About Us

A Flavour that Spreads Its Naturalness to the World

As Nordes, we have opened the door to an initiative where we can make new dreams come true by gathering the common values of two different stakeholders under a single roof in order to bring Turkey’s natural flavours to the whole world.

We started our activities under the name of Nordes in 2023, taking the 50 years of experience of Norm Holding, which includes 23 companies from different sectors, and the contribution of Sardes Gıda, one of the leading manufacturers of the food sector for 27 years, to the world cuisine with its export power as a guide.

We have determined our belief and respect for the soil of our country, which has the potential to offer us a variety of flavours in the most natural way, as the basic principle of Nordes that will not change. This principle has taken us much further; to the goal of making a delicious touch to every table set with pleasure in every corner of the world.

As the first step of our goals, we process fruits from various regions of our country in accordance with high quality and hygiene standards in our production facility, which we established in Salihli Organised Industrial Zone on a land of 27,423.90 m², and offer them to the whole world in canned food that will not lose anything of its naturalness during the transportation and consumption stages.

We carry with us our confidence that we can appeal to the completely different tastes of different geographies such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the United States of America, India, especially all countries of Europe, in every step we take. Because we believe with all our being in the flavours created by the values offered by these lands when combined with workmanship and labour.

With the strength we receive from the land where we were born, our stakeholders and our colleagues, we continue to walk in the footsteps of flavour and naturalness with the excitement of the first day.

A Flavorful Touch from Turkey to the World

Sustainability in Agriculture and Production

As Nordes, the most important factor we consider in the decisions we take and the steps we take is to make a sustainable life possible. The only way for us to carry the soil, which is one of the most valuable resources the world provides us, and the crops grown from this soil into the future is to carry out every step of production from planting to processing in accordance with global sustainability policies.

The only reason why we work with producers who take care to preserve naturalness, who have the understanding of giving back to the soil what they take from the soil, and the environmentally sensitive processes we apply in our production facilities; to be a part of the steps of change towards the sustainable world we dream of.